Netizen posts photos of baby drinking San Mig Apple

These days, some netizens no longer hesitate to posts photos that are supposed to be kept away from public eye, such as these pictures of a baby drinking San Mig Apple.

A certain Mico uploaded images of a little girl drinking from a bottle of a popular alcoholic beverage using a straw. In the caption, he said Baby Sam consumed San Mig Apple as if she was drinking a softdrink.

Even if it's a fruit-flavored, low-calorie light beer, San Mig Apple has 5% alcohol content and is no sofdrink or juice. Therefore, it's not good for kids at all.

The screenshot on Facebook doesn't really indicate the relationship between Mico and Baby Sam, but the page admin said the latter is the uploader's child.

The Facebook page and its followers criticized Mico for letting the baby drink San Mig Apple. They called the attention and requested the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to look into the matter.