Jose Manalo's daughter Myki writes touching message for dad

Myki Manalo, daughter of Eat Bulaga host Jose Manalo, wrote a touching message for her father while listening to Christmas songs at Jollibee.

It reads:

I'm silently eating my chickenjoy here in Jollibee alone. They're playing Christmas songs already. Michael Buble's... Our favorite! Gonna be my 4th Christmas without you. I may never understand your reasons for doing what you had to do, but know that I forgive you. I miss you everyday, some days worse than others (like tonight)... Times likes these I can't breathe from trying to contain my tears, because I want so badly for you to hug me and bully me endlessly again. I long for your presence every single day. From where I work, people watch you all the time. I avoid it as much as I can. I cringe whenever I hear your voice. It's not that I hate you... I tried doing anger and hatred, but I can't. My heart has so much love for you. My chest just kind of tightens involuntarily from so much longing that it kind of scares me that I might hyperventilate and start acting out and I can't do that since I am now supposed to be a mature woman, LOL. I'm sorry. You're the one heartbreak I guess I'll never be able to move on from. I love you still, daddy. I always will. Continue making people happy and may you have a happy Christmas also! Love forever, your panganay baby girl.

Myki has set the privacy of her message and only her Facebook friends can read it, but gossip blog Fashion Pulis published a screenshot.

Jose left his wife and children for a younger woman back in January 2012, her former spouse Annalyn said in an interview.

Annalyn sued the noontime show host for violations of RA No. 9262 or the “Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act.”

One of Jose's children tried to end her own life after she got frustrated over his failure to pay for her tuition fee and for abandoning his family.

The suicide attempt happened three months after she filed a case against him.