Good Read: What Carl Balita thinks about AlDub

Currently trending on social media is businessman and veteran radio anchor Carl Balita's post on what he thinks about the AlDub phenomenon.

Many can relate to the thoughts of Dr. Balita, who recently put up more branches of his review center in key locations across the country, particularly those who admire Kapuso actor Alden Richards and internet sensation-turned TV star Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza, and follow their exciting love story.

Here's the viral FB post:

Here is my synthesis of the LESSONS learned from the ALDUB phenomenon (with help of some comments to my question earlier):

A-uthentic - not trying-hard to act differently. Raw and real!
L-oaded with love, romance, struggles and victory.
D-wells on positive Filipino values - walang nilalait at naooffend.
U-nscripted and very spontaneous.Very natural.
B-uilt on the POSITIVE for people from all walks of life.

The lessons of ALDUB may apply to life, relationship, teams, organizations and even business:

Be authentic! Live for love! Dwell on the positive values! Be natural and spontaneous! BE POSITIVE!!!!

ALDEN and Meine [sic] are so REAL! Pleasant! Natural! AUTHENTIC! Not big names but with big impact because of their simplicity!

Alden does not sing well to impress but sings with the heart! Meine does not speak well but speaks her soul through her acts!

When Alden cries, he shows strength! When Meine dubmash [sic] she cares not for her looks! She makes herself funny not make fun of anyone else.

They don't dance impressively but gracefully like anybody can. Both simply showed the public who they are - and they are loved for that simplicity.

The Lolas impressively spiced up the production without scripts to read but core values to keep! Impressively INTELLIGENT and CONSISTENT. Providing comic relief without the usual antics of slapsticks and degrading remarks. Strict but meaningful and purposeful.

Why did Filipinos love ALDUB?

Because it reflected their simplicity...authenticity...reality! Because Filipinos are hopeless romantics! Optimistic that beyond struggles is victory!

As ALDUB unites us in patronage, fanaticism or simply curiosity, MAY WE UNITE FOR CHANGE...FOR THE POSITIVE...AND FOR LOVE!!!!

After all this admiration for the phenomenon, it is not about being Kapamilya or Kapuso that matters. It is about being uniquely FILIPINO...

This too will many phenomenal social events. They may be forgotten. But let the lessons remain...