Frustrated over 'lack of sex', 84-year-old woman seeks divorce

An 84-year-old sexually active woman sought divorce on the grounds that she has not been satisfied in bed by her 88-year-old husband.

A story on the Italian news website Cronache Scafati identified the woman as a retired teacher, who had two husbands before her present better half, a retired bank employee.

She complained about having sex twice a month only, which is not enough for her considering that the previous men in her life performed better.

Photo credit: Tech Times

A legal counsel advised the woman to find an activity that's fit for her age to divert her attention, but the client didn't see any logic why she should be deprived of the carnal pleasure just because she's old.

During a discussion between the lawyer and the senior couple, the woman admitted that she was trying to convince her husband to take a popular virility drug.

He refused out of fear that his heart condition could worsen. The old lady, however, brushed off his claim saying: "Rubbish! You just have palpitations from time to time."

The woman threatened to find a new lover after her husband said he preferred to play boules with his friends than increase the frequency of lovemaking in a month.