Father's love captured in heart-melting viral photos

A loving father would do anything, everything for his children even if taking risks and making sacrifices would put his own life in danger.

Being a good father is not measured in terms of worth in money or material possession, but by the love and care for his loved ones amid the burden, trials, and challenges in life.

A perfect example of a father who has unconditional love is this poor vendor who sells what appears to be rice grains somewhere in Metro Manila.

Three heartbreaking photos from a certain C. Balbuena show him sitting beside a fence, apparently weak, tired, dizzy and starving.

The man carries bunches of rice grains in his left shoulder and his son on his right arm — a pitiful situation. One can only imagine the struggles he's been going through while trying everything he can to earn for a living.

His identity and address are unknown, but a Facebook user said the poor guy peddles in the vicinity of Luneta Park and in nearby areas.

As the pictures circulate on Monday, netizens called the attention of concerned government agencies to give the hardworking father immediate assistance.