Duterte issues statement, says he doesn't want presidency

This is heartbreaking to loyal supporters. Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte has issued a statement saying he doesn't want the presidency.

"A little over two years ago, I posted in the government website over the Internet that I was not interested in the Presidency," the 70-year-old local chief executive posted on Facebook just minutes before the closing of office hours at the Commission on Elections in Manila where aspirants file a Certificate of Candidacy. "Nothing has changed. I am comfortable where I am now."

"If Inday Sara would want it, she has the choice of running in 2016 or the next election," he said, referring to Sara Duterte, who had her head shaved on Wednesday to support calls for her father to run for president.

"Personally, the earlier the better. I want to retire. I am tired," Duterte added. "Give the presidency to the one who wants it. I don’t."

Duterte's official statement ends all speculation. His supporters had a bumpy ride this week.

There's a glimpse of hope though.

We received information that a certain Martin Tinio, said to be Duterte's partymate at PDP Laban, filed his own COC for President at the last hour. Under Comelec rules, substitution of candidates is allowed until December 10.