Blackmail? Online seller demands indemnification money from buyer

Screenshots show an online seller demanding money from a buyer as imdemnification for the latter's failure to show up during a transaction. Is it blackmail?

Apparently, the online seller got angry as the buyer was a no-show at the agreed place and time. Now he wants the buyer, a student of Our Lady of Fatima University and daughter of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Abu Dhabi, to pay him P5,000 to compensate for his effort and transportation expenses.

Based on his messages, the seller threatened to report the buyer to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) since she is a minor. He also warned that if he can't receive payment by Thursday, his lawyer will find and meet her at Fatima on Friday.

He likewise informed the buyer in advance about the possibility of her getting jailed when she reaches the legal age.

The online seller even provided a bank account and gave the buyer fifty percent discount. The student insisted that she already apologized and refused to pay because she doesn't have money.

Here are screenshots of the heated argument. We intentionally covered the names of the parties involved to protect their privacy.