Alleged Geoff Eigenmann scandal photo circulates

A scandalous photo of a man whose physical features bear a striking resemblance to that of actor Geoff Eigenmann is currently circulating online.

The picture, which was published Saturday on the popular gossip blog Fashion Pulis, shows the unnamed guy holding, flaunting his manhood while taking a selfie.

As the photo goes viral, netizens posted their reactions in the comments section of the site, with some giving clues about his identity.

Majority said the man's first name starts with a letter "G" and his initials can be found on the post title itself, "Scandal Photo: Go Extra!"

Notice that the letters "G" and "E" are present in the title.

Others described him as the ex-boyfriend of an actress dubbed "Patatim" which showbiz kibitzers usually refer to Carla Abellana. The 30-year-old actor is Carla's former beau.

As of this writing, Geoff Eigenmann or his camp has not given a word about the photo scandal.