What makes younger women fall for older men?

In time with the recent engagement of the famous May-December couple, Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna, I wonder what makes younger women long for older men?

Aside from the cliché reason of “finding true love”, there are top 3 reasons that make a younger woman fall for the more advance in age and experience and why dating them is awesome and a great choice.

Bigger Security Threshold

Surely more than the average guy!

Older men are definitely advance in most aspects compared to younger ones. Talking about career status, income, properties and the like, most young women look for security that more established males could give.

You see, an older man can definitely offer a house and lot compared to a start-up twenty something who is probably still living with his parents.

In addition, who would not love about not paying anything on a night out when you are with a potential chief executive officer (CEO) mate?

Maturity is Attractive

Older men are more mature in terms of emotions, You know, no more running around the bush. They give commitment a priority and would never doubt giving marriage a chance.

An advanced age is a plus too as they already know how to deal with issues and situations more effectively, with lesser unnecessary arguments.

It’s definitely a plus knowing that older men know how to "ride on" with the roller coaster emotions of younger women for they surely have done this and that in their previous relationships.

More Chivalrous

Extra exciting!?! Given the more or less a decade age gap, older gentlemen are wiser when it comes to decision-making. Given the experience, they already know how to satisfy their partners both in sexual and personal life.

Any chivalrous act would tickle a woman’s primitive desire for their knight in a shining armor, which is exhibited mostly by older men compared to the more aggressive, less gentlemanly younger counterparts.

Who would not love being adored and well taken care of by a partner regardless of the wide age gap?