WATCH: Woman strips in public during lover's quarrel

In this viral video that got the attention of internet users over the weekend, a woman stripped naked in public during a lover's quarrel.

In the 2-minute, 5-second clip, the woman is seen kicking off her shoes and throwing down a box believed to be containing a new iPhone.

She then confronted a man believed to be his boyfriend and reached for his trousers.

The woman started to pull her clothes off including her underwear after the guy refrained from doing something for her.

It was guessed that he refused to give cash or his credit card for the purchase.

The scandalous moment ended when an elderly stranger picked up the woman's shirt and told her to get dressed. The boyfriend also retrieved her undergarments as onlookers got perplexed about what happened.

The video can be accessed using the link: It is available for anyone who is 18 years of age or older.

Reports said the footage was recorded by a surveillance camera placed in a busy people's park in Nanjing, China, last Friday, September 18.