WATCH: Singer 'possessed' by Whitney Houston belts out 'I Have Nothing'

We really have no idea who this singer in the viral video is, but she appears to be possessed by Whitney Houston while belting out the latter's hit "I Have Nothing."

The 4-minute, 51-second clip, which already garnered over 5.2 million hits since it was uploaded by Facebook user Ariagna Cardoso last September 16, starts with the emerging diva crossing her fingers, smiling and saying "Yeah, baby" without a voice coming out of her mouth.

But when she started performing her own rendition of the richly-orchestrated power ballad, which is one of the original soundtracks of the 1992 blockbuster film "The Bodyguard," yours truly was in awe, wondering if she really owns the powerful voice or just lip-syncing.

In the middle part, however, it can be noticed that she altered some notes a little bit to make a distinction between her cover and the original version, although she nailed most of the song as is and as if the late Whitney is singing right before the viewer's very eyes.

Watch and listen carefully:

WTF ...WHO IS SHE .......

Posted by Ariagna Cardoso on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The video has gone viral as news that Houston's hologram is scheduled to "perform" at a venue in the US circulated online. According to recent reports, the rare concert will be streamed live worldwide by, a company owned by a Greek billionaire.

Did you have goosebumps?