Video captures students going wild during P.E. class

A video that captured students going wild during a physical education (P.E.) class has gone viral. Many find the scenes in it disturbing.

YouTube user Lovekhmer published the controversial video on Wednesday, September 2, which immediately attracted attention from viewers all over the globe.

It already got more than 40,000 hits and counting.

Age-restricted based on the site's Community Guidelines, the 1-minute video shows a group of students—composed of several boys and a few cute girls—simulating what appears to be a group sex.

Warning: NSFW (viewer discretion is adviced) -

It seems the teenagers were tasked to create some sort of dance choreography for the P.E. class but for unknown reasons they began gyrating to the music and their body movements became nasty.

Initially, many thought the video was taken in the Philippines. Some netizens later claimed that it originated from Thailand.