Pastillas Girl unmasked? Open letter reveals Angelica Jane Yap's 'dark past'

An open letter addressed to Angelica Jane Yap, more popularly known as Pastillas Girl, has a shocking revelation of her alleged dark past.

It contained personal details including her full name and nicknames, complete address, as well as her past and present college courses.

Attached to it is a photo of Yap smoking a cigarette.

Photo from Facebook

The open letter, a screenshot of which is currently spreading via social media like wildfire, also states that Yap is a member of the Tau Gamma Phi - Far Eastern University (FEU) chapter.

Yap, according to the letter, was bitter towards her ex-boyfriend because he got her pregnant but left her for another woman after she suffered depression and a miscarriage.

The anonymous writer claimed of knowing Yap "a lot" and even gave a hint of who she really is by calling Miss Pastillas a "traitor."

Screenshot from Facebook

Although the source is unknown, the viral open letter has been credited by the Filipino Netizens FB page to a certain Judy Panopio.

Yap has yet to give a word on the issue.