One guy, 23 voices: Wow! This is amazing! [video]

Social media has been very effective in putting people in the limelight and making sure that rare talents are getting the exposure it deserve. Nowadays, the more peculiar your talent is, the more popular you will surely become.

Let’s take a look at this guy named Roomie whose video has garnered over 27 million views since it was posted August 29 on Facebook.

Wow this is Amazing: One Guy 23 Voice 󾠓󾮗 by Roomie

Posted by Jaan & Arya on Friday, August 28, 2015

As seen in the video, Rommie captioned each clip where he could be seen singing popular songs by the following singers: Calvin Harris, Lil Jon, Chris Brown, Billie Joe, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5 , Bon Jovi, Rick Astley, Passenger, John Legend, Jason Derulo, Wanz (Mackelmore), OMI, Tay Zonday, Pat Monahan, Chad Kroeger, Nick Jonas, Martin Johnson, Sam Smith, Andy Grammer, Imagine Dragons, Eduard Khil and Bruno Mars.

One Guy, 23 voices is a video joined together from 2 original videos he posted on his YouTube channel.

Roomie sang pretty well although netizens, as expected, have contradicting comments.

Many said he’s perfect and a good imitator of each singers’ voice while some argued that he’s simply copying the artists' singing style. Others said he’s no good at all. They even mentioned about auto-tuning and him singing 23 songs with no variation at all.

Roomie, whose real name is Joel Berghult, is a Swedish singer-songwriter. He plays a multitude of instruments and produces his own music. He was influenced by his father, Bo, who has great love for music.

He started his Roomie project last May 2010 and uploaded his first music video on YouTube in September of that same year.