Not your ordinary meal: The Pawikan dilemna

Whether his intention is to boast his peculiar meal of the day or he was just ignorant of the law, Kevin John Dula-ugon Colonia posted on his Facebook account butchered parts of a sea turtle or pawikan which raised eyebrows and became the center of discussion among raging and furious netizens.

As we all (probably) know, pawikan is an endangered and must-be-protected species whose hunting, killing and selling have been banned by the law since 2001.

A certain Calia asked him, "Di ba bawal yan?" [It's prohibited, right?] which Kevin replied with "Masarap ang bawal!" [What's prohibited is delicious!]

Based on the list of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), pawikan is on the verge of extension unless protected by the law and the people.

It has become endangered due to slaughter, blast fishing, poaching, sea pollution and illegal trade in the market.

Endangered wildlife species are being protected by the The Wildlife Conservation Act, or Republic Act No. 9147, as written in Section 2 of said Act:

Declaration of Policy. ­It shall be the policy of the State to conserve the country's wildlife resources and their habitats for sustainability. In the pursuit of this policy, this Act shall have the following objectives:

(a) to conserve and protect wildlife species and their habitats to promote ecological balance and enhance biological diversity;

(b) to regulate the collection and trade of wildlife;

(c) to pursue, with due regard to the national interest, the Philippine commitment to international conventions, protection of wildlife and their habitats; and

(d) to initiate or support scientific studies on the conservation of biological diversity.

How protected are the wildlife with this law? No idea.

Though, Colonia's post raised negative comments and criticism, it also raised an awareness of the reality that no matter how many measures will be implemented by law enforcement agencies, it will never be good enough, unless people will be more responsible to look after the equilibrium of our ecosystem.

Once, a commenter hit bull’s eye when he said, “There’s a law but does anyone get punish by it?”

True enough. What’s your opinion on this?