News update on the death of Karen Kaye Montebon

Karen Kaye Montebon, a 17-year-old accounting student of the University of San Carlos in Cebu was found lifeless inside her room Tuesday.

Reports said she was strangled with a cord of a hair straightener. Karen's father saw her dead body inside their residence at Corinthians Subdivision in Barangay Suba-Maslog, Lapu-Lapu City around 5:30 p.m. on September 15.

Initial police investigation revealed that the victim was alone in the house and the incident could have happened between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. while the rest of the family members were out. Karen's father, an electrician, attended a seminar together with her mother while her only sibling, Dianne, was on her internship.

According to PO3 Jerson Alparito of Lapu-Lapu Police Department, Montebon’s body was immediately brought to Mactan Doctor’s Hospital. The doctors reportedly confirmed the presence of laceration in her genitalia. The victim’s computer tablet and camera were found missing.

The subdivision's homeowners association admitted that there were security lapses as several robberies took place in the area prior to the incident. A day after the crime, the association's treasurer confirmed that they have terminated the service contract of Bisda Security Agency.

The family cried for justice and appealed to the perpertrators to surrender.

The University of San Carlos mourned Karen's death as they flooded social media with condolences and sentiments using the hashtags #JusticeForKarenKayeMontebon and #JusticeforKarenMontebon. USC students were encouraged to wear black for two days, from Thursday to Friday, as a way of expressing support and sympathy to the victim's bereaved family.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Ka Bino, who is said to be a consultant of the city LGU, posted the following updates on Thursday.

I Am not going to argue with anybody, i had a very long day.

But let me set the record straight.

For most of the time today, i am closely monitoring the events at the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office, and when i say close i meant 30 meters away.

And like spent more than 3 hours with the City Police Director Police Senior Superintendent Armando Radoc.

Throughout the day, i gathered the following:

Based on Medico Legal Officer verbal report to the City Police Director, the Post-mortem examination reveals, that the hymen was intact, and a slight contusion on the surface of her genitals which could have acquired during the commotion.

The City Police Director added it is very unlikely that after the rape, the perpetrator would take time to put back the underwear and the short on the victim.

She was found by her father fully clothed.

No one was able to take a picture of the body, so the picture now circulating online is not her's.

The Police now has a positive identity of the suspect, based on the testimony of two witnesses vis-à-vis the circumstantial evidences they gathered during the conduct of Investigation

A Hot Pursuit operation is still on-going.

The city government is putting up a 500,000 Pesos reward


Let us help spread the truth."