Funny or annoying: Students' conversation while watching 'Heneral Luna'

A sporty veterinarian heard a conversation between two college students while watching the movie "Heneral Luna." Please read and comment.

Overheard at the cinema while watching Heneral Luna, surrounded by English-speaking college students:

1. During an ad for an international tennis tournament

Girl 1: who's that?
Girl 2: Serena Williams
Girl 1: oooh! So that's Serena. Oh, she's black! I thought she was white!
Girl 1: then who's this one?
Girl 2: sharapova
Girl 1: oooh. Sharapova. Oh! She's the one that's white!

2. During a fight scene in the movie (Americans and Filipino troops in trenches and firing at each other)

Oh my God! Is that how they fought before? They are so funny!

3. Close up scene of Aguinaldo, Paterno:

Oh my! Look at their hair. Who did their hair??

4. Midway through the movie:

Girl 1: what's the guy's name again?
Girl 2: Juan Luna.

5. At General Luna's murder scene:

Oh he died! I thought he became a painter!

6. At the end of the movie, reading the post scripts:

Oh so the Philippines was at war with the Americans? I thought we were at war with the Spaniards and the Americans rescued us.

.......sige, Aldub pa more......

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