Because of Facebook, employer finds maid who stole from them 4 years ago

Social networking site Facebook has paved the way for a lady employer to find the maid who allegedly stole valuables from them four years ago.

On Tuesday, September 22, Jane Espiritu posted the following to warn the public about the suspect:

Beware of this person. Her name is Maricel Ampong - she used to work for us as a maid and yaya to Julia. She has stolen many gadgets and jewelry from us.

She worked for us from 2009-2011. During those years many items seem to just disappear into thin air. But i never caught her in the act of stealing. Although I already had my doubts. So we started locking our valuables.

One night in 2011 coming home from a dinner in BF, I caught her sleeping with a man in my house. This was not the 1st time she did this, as a neighbor told us that she always lets a man in our house a little after midnight. I confronted the man - who was a boy of a neighbor and told them that if they did it again I will have them picked up by the police.

To cut the long story short, when I caught her I made her leave the house with none of her belongings. And banned her from our village. The next day I was surprised to find boxes filled with plates, silverware, curtains, towels, clothes both of my husband and mine stored in our garage cabinet.

Later on I found a plastic bag in her hamper with a lot of my jewelry. I spent a lot of time looking for this person - only now that i was curious and searched on Facebook.

Please beware and share so that her current employer would be warned. And so this will not happen to others. Thank you!