Video of disgusting head lice infestation goes viral

This viral video that shows a disgusting head lice infestation on a man's hair and scalp will make you clench your teeth and feel itchy.

Yes it's obviously stomach-churning, but the number of hits increases by the thousand in spite of it being considered as gross.

What's probably driving curiosity is the fact that the man has let the tiny blood suckers invade his top. Come to think of it, nobody in his right mind would allow these wingless parasitic creatures breed, grow and fatten themselves while the host does nothing.


YouTube user Rommel Valentino Guinto shared his thoughts about the video and said:

I don't get it but why did he let it go too far like this... I mean it's so obvious when you feel itchy you'd want to cure it so it will not produce as many like those... or just shave your head with razor."

Another disgusted netizen, VikkTheGamer, said:

This man did not take care of himself [at all]. Cut all that hair off and [wash] his head with bleach plsssss [sic].

It's possible that the video is a social experiment or part of a lab test for an anti-lice product. Or, maybe, the king of lice wants to become a Guinness World Records title holder.

While most of us think it's unpleasant to have head lice, those who already have it should not worry. We learned that head lice are not carriers of any known diseases.

"Except for rare secondary infections that result from scratching at bites, head lice are harmless, and they have been regarded by some as essentially a cosmetic rather than a medical problem," according to Wikipedia.