CREEPY: Mysterious Clash of Clans 'ghost village' explained

Clash of Clans players were baffled by a mysterious "ghost village" created by a "dead clan leader." The developer has explained and said there's no need to panic.

The occurence of the "creepy" base was first noticed by Shaun Mhad Lee, who shared his experience in a Facebook post.

He said the "ghost clan," whose leader is at Level 59, can be found if searched using the clan tag #9QLU9CY8. However, attempts to view the "ghost COC village" would return negative results as the game app would crash most of the time.

Although the app tends to "force close," Lee said players who will be lucky to gain access would be able to see the "ghost village" with active builders.

According to myCOCLab, the account belongs to Angarkey Rikhi, who leads the DEDAM77BERADIK clan. Rumor has it that the Malaysian clan leader already died. What happened to his village was a "glitch," the COC blog quoted the game creator, Supercell, as saying.

Here's some more screenshots from Lee:

A representative of the Clash of Clans game developer has responded to queries regarding the alleged COC ghost village and explained that the game closes automatically because "the village layout is not symmetrical," Social Trends PH reported.