Angelica Jane Yap gives the 'real Pastillas Girl' credit

"Give credit where credit is due." Angelica Jane Yap, the newest internet and TV star dubbed "Pastillas Girl," must have pondered on this.

The 21-year-old Twitter darling has humbly acknowledged her fault and apologized to a certain Miel Francisco for using the latter's bittersweet recipe in her video, which she and her friends took for fun and unexpectedly went viral.

"Sorry for this. Guys it was all from her," she said, referring to Miel. "Give all the credits to her."

It's true that Miel thought about and posted the steps on how to make pastillas, a sweet delicacy many Filipinos love, but it was Angelica who gave life to her "basic" Facebook post.

It's unknown if Miel accepted Angelica's apology.

What's clear is that she might be used by TV shows and showbiz websites to discredit the famous "Pastillas Girl," who is now slowly stealing the spotlight away from the phenomenal pair "AlDub."