WATCH: 'Real-Life Mermaid' swims with Manta Rays

Footage shows "Real-Life Mermaid Melissa" swimming with Manta Rays at Lady Elliot Island in Southern Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

Almost everyone likes the idea of mermaids, especially kids and teenagers. That fascination leads people to hope, imagine, or believe that the legendy aquatic creature really exists.

We easily get attracted to anything about mermaids like bedtime stories, books, fantasy movies, photos and videos. It's been part of many cultures' folklore for decades.

This is probably the reason why a group, whose love for the ocean and the environment in general is immeasurable, conceptualized and created Melissa, the "Real-Life Mermaid."

According to her website, Real-Life Mermaid Melissa "is known for traveling across the oceans entertaining at live mermaid events, mermaid shows, and underwater mermaid sightings" with the purpose of raising "awareness for ocean conservation by swimming with marine mammals worldwide."

Melissa promotes "ocean education through underwater entertainment" everytime she attends mermaid fundraisers, events, and live appearances.

Check out this viral video and be captivated with the beauty of the ocean. You will also be amazed of the cinematic music that adds drama to the scenes.

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