Teddy Boy Locsin drops F-bomb for Customs chief

TV anchor Teddy Locsin Jr. must be very furious about the balikbayan box controversy that he dropped an F-bomb for Customs chief Bert Lina.

The broadcast journalist tweeted his insulting remark against the presidential appointee after the ABS-CBN News Channel posted statements from the latter on its Twitter account @ANCALERTS.

"Lina: We are asking Filipinos abroad to be honest in declaring items inside their balikbayan boxes," the post read.

"Fu*k you," the hard-hitting @teddyboylocsin tweeted.

"Lina: Customs personnel are not the only ones opening balikbayan boxes. Even brokers and freight forwarders do," ANC Alerts continued.

"Yes but fu*k you we are used to the brokers and freight forwarders who don't shake down because bad for their business," the speechwriter and news personality added.

He did not stop there. Locsin had a barrage of tweets about Lina, as follows:

Meanwhile, President Benigno Aquino III has ordered the Bureau of Customs (BoC) to not conduct physical inspection of balikbayan boxes, saying it should only be opened if there are "derogatory findings" from X-ray and K-9 inspection.

H/T: Jason Anton