Silly photos get netizens buzzing on social networks

Two photos uploaded by random people online got netizens buzzing on social networks. Check out the viral images and share your thoughts.

The first photo shows three men sleeping together. The one in the middle appears to be grabbing something under another guy's pants.

It not clear whether the photographer had intentionally put the hand in the wrong place just for laughs or the 'intruder' was caught in the act.

The photo has been viewed more than 6,000 times on Facebook as of 11 a.m. today.

The second photo features two teenagers apparently doing something inappropriate inside a fastfood restaurant.

There's been speculation that the boy was touching the girl as she concealed the act using her bag.

Some netizens, however, said the two should not be judged let alone subjected to ridicule based on what's seen in the picture. Others criticized the person who took the photo, noting that it was an invasion of the couple's privacy.

The photo has gone viral quickly. It already garnered over 12,000 shares.

What can you say about these images?