Rufa Mae Quinto hematoma due to botched surgery?

Is Rufa Mae Quinto suffering from hematoma due to a botched surgery? This is the question netizens have been asking after the actress posted on Instagram pictures of her body covered with bruises.

"This is what I’ve been though… Thru .. True and truth… So thank you lord for saving my life and yes… To my doctors.. May pag Asa pa… And I’m sharing this so I could be of help to people suffering and in pain. I will teach or atleast inspire and give support, advice , strength to people healed sickness , get ready physiologically and physically and spiritually emotionally . I’m sharing this coz I’m done being scared. So if u need superrrr B! Call me baby! I’m here . Thanks to the people who really care . And loved me for being Booba ! For 20 years . For Loving and Laughing WITH me NOT At me. For my nose bleed barok English . Guys! Ganon talaga . I love you all #hematoma #bloodclot," she posted Friday.

Hematoma is a solid swelling of clotted blood within the human tissues.

The 37-year-old comedienne also posted a video of her crying with a caption that mentioned hematoma once again.

She did not reveal what caused the blood clots, but a not-so-legible handwritten note she posted on Saturday hinted that it might have been the result of a botched surgery.

"Pls don't contact me anymore. I don’t have anymore trust in your service. I was very disappointed and…traumatize you did on me and complications. And I hope this will not happen anymore. Clinical judgment—decision. No cbc, cardio, pre-surgery testing," she wrote.

When she guested on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” last March, Rufa Mae Quinto said she had her breast implants removed in 2014 due to pain. During an MRI procedure at the time, doctors discovered that it was caused by a cyst, which was later removed surgically.

Sources: ABS-CBN News, Interaksyon