PH's failed 2019 FIBA World Cup bid: A call to action

Here's a great article written by a good friend, Bing Kimpo, about the Philippines' failed bid to host the 2019 FIBA World Cup of Basketball.

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The Philippines’ Failed ‪#‎FIBAWC‬ Bid: A Call to Action

Like many Filipinos yesterday, I was terribly disheartened with the news that our basketball-mad country was not awarded the honor of hosting the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

The media and marketing communications man in me was indignant. We based our pitch on all the right insights and incentives: this is the home of basketball, where people play and cherish the sport, setting aside whatever shortcomings we have in terms of physique and facilities; this is the hotspot of social media, from where the games and their gospel can then be spread all over the world, riding on the broad shoulders of technology and ten million fellow Filipinos living and working abroad. For good measure, we even reiterated our tourism motto-of-the-moment: it’s more fun in the Philippines.

And yet, FIBA was unmoved.

The media and marketing communications man in me woke up this morning to the sober truth that all advertising folk eventually come around to: you can’t wordsmith a product that is essentially broken.

Yesterday’s vote was not on who we are, and on what we can do for basketball. It was a vote on the Philippines’ capacity to host a major international event.

It was a vote, not on how broad our social media reach is, but on how broad the reach of our roads, runways and railways are. It was a vote, not on how we could spread the gospel of the game globally, but on how we could just physically spread the games to many playing venues across the country — beyond just Metro / Mega Manila and a proposal for Cebu. It was a vote, not on the amount of online traffic we could generate for #FIBAWC, but on the terrible traffic that is there en route to the Mall of Asia Arena, the SMART Araneta Coliseum and the Philippine Arena. Yesterday’s vote was not on the preparedness of Philippine basketball, but on the un-preparedness of the Philippines.

That is what Filipinos really should be disappointed over.

Tinimbang tayo, ngunit kulang.

I hated the result of yesterday’s vote.

But I hate more what got us that result.

If yesterday was a well-viewed ad for our shortcomings as a country, it surely had a call-to-action that we have to heed: we have to fix that tangible product that is the Philippines.

The product that is the Philippines, is presently broken. It does not deliver on the potential of the Filipino people. It does not allow us to welcome the world properly. It does not allow the world to travel our nooks and crannies in comfort and ease. It does not allow us to bring the best of our goods and services all over the country. It does not allow us to show who we really are and what we can really do — and to benefit from doing so.


The Philippines’ failed FIBA bid is a call to action.

Message sent.

My thoughts exactly. Do you also agree with what's written in the article?