PBB 737 to reveal Pinoy Big Brother's identity

In a teaser released Wednesday, ABS-CBN's reality show PBB 737 has promised to reveal the well-kept secret identity of Pinoy Big Brother.

"Are you ready to get a glimpse of the person behind the voice that we loved in ten years? You will be able to see him at the right time," the video's voiceover Peter Rabbit asked in Filipino.

The revelation is part of the show's 10th anniversary celebration. It was also announced that past PBB contestants will join the current group of regular housemates during the special presentation on August 21st.

The guessing game on Pinoy Big Brother's real identity began more than half a decade ago.

In 2010, many said they believe that the voice belongs to Laurenti Dyogi, the show's director. However, a netizen who claimed to be a "network insider" bared that Kuya is Direk Lauren's "cousin."

Both guested on the late night newscast Bandila and spoke separately to refute speculations that they are one and the same.

In the interview with Boy Abunda at the time, Pinoy Big Brother described himself as somebody who is taller than a typical Filipino, has fair complexion, of medium build, age 40 plus, already married, and lives in Quezon City.

At present, social media users are wondering why the show decided to finally reveal PBB's real identity. Some asked if the move is aimed at boosting its ratings while others believe the current edition could be the show's last.