Netizens slam LTO law enforcers for breaking the law

Filipino netizens slammed employees of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for breaking a law that they themselves are supposed to enforce.

A Facebook page popular for public service and straight-to-the-point commentaries posted this picture that captured three LTO law enforcers wearing no helmet while driving motorcyles.

Juan Trapiko called the attention of the LTO in Region 7 (Central Visayas) and said:

How do you expect us to respect you or ask the public to follow the rules if you yourself could not comply.

Republic Act (RA) 10054, also known as the "Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009," mandates that "all motorcycle riders, including drivers and back riders, shall at all times wear standard protective motorcycle helmets while driving, whether long or short drives, in any type of road and highway."

Drivers who don't comply with the law will be penalized in accordance with the following provision:

Section 7. Penalties. – (a) Any person caught not wearing the standard protective motorcycle helmet in violation of this Act shall be punished with a fine of One thousand five hundred pesos (Php1,500.00) for the first offense; Three thousand pesos (Php3,000.00) for the second offense; Five thousand pesos (Php5,000.00) for the third offense; and Ten thousand pesos (Php10,000.00) plus confiscation of the driver’s license for the fourth and succeeding offenses.

Are LTO employees driving motorcyles without helmets exempted? No.

The law says only "drivers of tricycles shall be exempted from complying with the mandatory wearing of motorcycle helmets."

It appears that there's an alibi to get away with it. One commenter claimed that the LTO personnel in the viral photo were driving motorcycles, which were apprehended during field operation, on their way to the agency's impounding area.

Are they even allowed to do that? What do you think?