Netizen warns lady drivers of robbers' modus operandi

Concerned netizen Grace Gamallo Semilla has warned lady drivers of the modus operandi of robbers operating in the business district of Cebu.

Her viral Facebook post on August 3 reads:

A WARNING TO ALL LADY DRIVERS...At noontime today, while i was maneuvering in a narrow street at the exit of Metrobank, Lahug a decent looking man knocked on my window and told me that something fell from the back of the car.

Looking at him, i remembered (praise God!) the news a few days ago about the new modus operandi of robbers. I tried to ignore him, then another man ( his cohort for sure! ) who was at the other side of the car intentionally tried to block the way to tell me the same thing.

My instinct told me to flee and so i sped off! When i got to my destination, i found these 1 peso coins (21 pcs in all) carefully "planted" at the back of the car.

No wonder that they are called the Laglag Barya Gang.. the moment you go down to check and get the coins/keys,etc "falling" from your car, an accomplice would enter your car from the opposite side to grab your bag/belongings.

Again, pls, pls be aware of this modus operandi so that no one will become a victim to it.

Semilla's FB friends lauded her for the presence of mind, quick thinking, and being alert.

One of them joked that the robbers were probably disappointed for losing P21 in their botched operation.