Netizen hits Iglesia Ni Cristo in viral Facebook rant

In a viral Facebook rant, netizen Xander Cedrick Chua has launched a verbal attack against the beleaguered religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo.

The outspoken social media user on August 29 slammed members of the INC for conducting activities in EDSA that caused heavy traffic thereby affecting the riding public.

Chua also criticized INC members for invoking the separation of Church and State, apparently noting that their protests are against a government being run by the same politicians they enthroned through bloc voting, a system that the INC puts into practice during elections.

The gathering in EDSA was held after INC members flocked outside the Department of Justice to protest DOJ secretary Leila de Lima's alleged interference in the church's affairs.

Members of the INC, who called de Lima "bias" for accepting expelled INC members to the government’s Witness Protection Program (WPP), occupied the entire stretch of Padre Faura the same day she celebrated her 56th birthday and announced her plans to run for an elective post next year.

In a separate post, Chua quoted:

I do notice that what they're fighting for is very ironic. Separation of state and church means that the church shouldn't get involved in the affairs of the state and vice versa. But in this case, your church may or may not have committed a heinous crime. With that premise, separation of the state and church doesn't give the church (especially INC) an immunity from the perusal and investigation of the judiciary. Ergo, your protest basically doesn't have any concrete reasons on the first place. I rest my case.

P.S. whom ever plotted this mix-up should get sanctioned for all the troubles their "vigil" have caused to the populace of the Metro."

An image attached to the post says he supports the justice secretary.

The INC has yet to give a word regarding the issue.