MedRep's open letter: Boycott 'Ex With Benefits'

A medical representative wrote an open letter to voice out disgust over the supposed unflattering portrayal of her profession in the romantic-drama film "Ex With Benefits."

The movie is top billed by Derek Ramsay, who plays a doctor named Adam, and Coleen Garcia as Arkisha, a medical representative whom he had a romantic relationship with until ten years ago.

In the trailer released recently, the doctor asks the medrep to prove that the product she markets is worth his endorsement. The two goes out on a date and eventually end up in bed.

A certain Nikki Quisumbing, an overseas Filipino worker employed as a medrep since 2010, posted an open letter appealing to her family and friends not to support the movie.

She said the film could put the professional relationship between medreps and doctors in a bad light.

The OFW has removed the controversial note from her social media account, but netizens were able to capture a screenshot that has gone viral.

Image from Facebook

Quisumbing also criticized the film's writers saying they do not know the hardships medreps encounter just to be able to gain doctors' trust.

Her post prompted Ruth Mendoza a.k.a. youramnesiagirl, author of the Wattpad book "Ex With Benefits," to clarify that in the original story, Adam is not a doctor and Arkisha is not a medrep.

She admitted that the title is hers, but insisted that the storyline was written by someone else.

On the IMDB website, Mendoza is listed as the writer based on the novel and Jeff Stelton for the screenplay.

Meanwhile, Ramsay asked those concerned to watch the film first before making any judgment. In his Instagram account, the actor said he has complete respect for medreps.