John Wick is coming to virtual reality

Publisher Starbreeze Studios has surprised action fans big time after it announced on Friday, August 7, that the critically acclaimed and huge box office hit “John Wick” which starred Keanu Reeves is about to become a virtual reality.

Together with the producer Lionsgate, Starbreeze will create a standalone, first-person shooter game based on the John Wick films. The game will be centered on the infamous Continental Hotel.

A collaboration with the WEVR and Grab teams will be done for the development of the VR game and experience.

Starbreeze, furthermore, will integrate the John Wick Storyline into its wildly popular “Payday” game, a first-person shooter developed by Overkill Software which has over nine million players worldwide. This will then facilitate cross promotion and integration of both games.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

John Wick, one of 2014’s biggest movie sleeper hits, tells us about what happens when you mess with the wrong person; it is smart, fast-paced and truly has been a pleasant surprise for fans.

Keanu Reeves and his team are currently working on the John Wick film’s sequel which will air this September.

Integrating both games can actually be a surefire way of promoting the films, franchise, and most especially, the virtual reality platforms which include HTC Vive that is scheduled to launch early next year.

A teaser for the cross-platform game will be available at the launch of HTC Vive during its upcoming world tour across Europe and United States. The full John Wick VR game is expected to be available on VR headsets next spring.