'Jason Abalos Viber scandal video, photo' surface

Actor Jason Abalos allegedly has a scandal video, screenshot photos of which are circulating online, taken using the chat messaging app Viber.

Gossip blog Fashion Pulis and several other showbiz news sites have posted the following images.

The first two of the four images show a man whose facial features bear a striking resemblance to that of the 29-year-old Kapamilya star. The rest are alleged pictures of his body.

Rumor has it that he flaunted his manhood in front of the camera while chatting with someone. The person on the other end, reports said, captured the alleged scandal video that got leaked over the weekend.

Download links to the so-called Jason Abalos Viber scandal video and photos are apparently being searched.

So far, the actor or his camp has not given a word regarding the controversial images and its authencity was confirmed by no one.

Sources: Fashion Pulis, Coorms