Girl brags about dad shooting neighbor's dog dead, earns netizens' ire

Please take this report with a grain of salt. A girl who bragged about her dad shooting their neighbor's dog dead earned the ire of netizens.

She said the dog was "noisy" and was apparently proud of what her father did. Based on her status message, she even compared him to one who lives a "ghetto" life.

The owner of the dog, on the other hand, posted that her 9-year-old pet was "shot without any reason by a former police" she identified as Dominador Capispisan.

She also attached photos of the dead canine.

Furious dog lovers called the attention of animal welfare groups and media organizations, saying that the suspect should be punished under the law if proven guilty.

A source said the Facebook account of the ex-cop's daughter has been deactivated, but an alleged screenshot of her post was captured and circulated on community pages.