Fatimanian singer's voice can break glass AMAZING!

We chanced upon a viral video featuring a female student of the Our Lady of Fatima University whose amazing voice can probably break glass.

The 47-second clip uploaded by Jane Laurice Garcillan last July 30 shows a singer belting out lines from the Frank Sinatra classic "The Impossible Dream."

Some netizens likened her voice and singing style to that of Asia's Got Talent finalist Gerphil Flores.

The cute student in the video is Sarah Vasquez, a talented performer who's said to be taking up BS Physical Therapy. Her Facebook profile says she's a breakdancer and singer.

In a status message, she said her friends requested her to sing. The video was taken only for fun while they were inside the classroom and no one expected it to go viral.

Watch the video and listen to Sarah hitting some high notes. At the end of her performance, you can notice a whistle tone that, if prolonged or sustained, can probably shatter glass.

As of 5:30 a.m. today, the video got 20,000 views on Garcillan's account and also viewed almost 180,000 times on the Our Lady Of Fatima University Reports page.