Cebu Pacific flight attendant accused of stealing money from passengers, crew of cover up

A Cebu Pacific flight attendant has been accused of stealing money from passengers. His fellow crew members allegedly covered up the crime.

Because this is a sensitive matter, we're publishing the Facebook post of a certain Henry Wong as is.

It reads:

This was a male flight attendant of Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J52 from Boracay to Mainland China early this week. He allegedly stole the money of several passengers on board and was was caught red handed by the passengers.

Although he was able to flush dozens of pieces of RMB¥100 bills down the toilet, airport policemen were still able to recover damp RMB bills from the garbage bin in the lavatory.

The whole crew were said to have conspired to committing the crime because other flight attendants and the air marshall were covering the suspect when he rushed to the toilet trying to destroy all evidences.

The crew started to look suspicious when they insisted that the window shields must be pulled down all the time and even small sling bags were required to be stored in overhead bin while much bigger school bags of children were exempted.

The handwritten Chinese letter was the testimony of the passengers.

Wong also posted photos of the suspect and the alleged stolen money as well as the passengers' testimony, which were also published on the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo.

Atty. Paterno Mantaring Jr., Cebu Pacific officer-in-charge for corporate affairs, told ABS-CBN News that the airline company is "conducting a thorough investigation in parallel with an independent, third party investigating body on this alleged incident."

"CEB will take the appropriate action, depending on the result of the investigation," the lawyer added.

While the probe is ongoing, all crew members of said flight are on paid leave and a non-flying status, according to the report.

H/T: Karl Rivera