WATCH: How 'One Dream' scam victims lost billions

Victims of the "One Dream" investment scam lost billions of pesos in what is said to be one of the biggest frauds in Philippine history.

According to a report Monday on ABS-CBN's late night newscast Bandila, victims in Batangas are set to file large-scale estafa cases against One Dream Global Marketing Incorporated.

The company was able to acquire from local residents an estimated P3 billion in Lipa City alone.

So how were they able to attract investors and take all that money?

A victim, who requested that his identity be kept private, said One Dream Global promised a payout equivalent to 40% of their investment within 4 days.

The marketing firm, which registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) only in June, offered various beauty and household products on their website.

Their incorporators, on the other hand, boasted of different cars on Facebook as the "fruit" of their investments.

However, a victim said they were only asked to invest money and not sell products.

After news broke out that the company's office in Lipa closed down on July 12, their website has been configured to automatically redirect to Facebook. Their Facebook page was also removed.

Sources said employees of the company started moving out of their office in Quezon City on July 18 and the incorporators have reportedly gone into hiding.

Earlier, two barangay officials filed a complaint against One Dream Global incorporators including Arnel and Jobelle Gacer, two of the alleged masterminds of the scam, for syndicated estafa.