What would you do if you get a cake this ugly?

What would you do if you get a cake that is as ugly as this one in the right picture, which is different from what you ordered in the first place?

Will you be angry to the seller or just laugh while staring at it?

The funny meme was posted early Monday morning on Facebook by DJ Heavygrinder.

The viral photo garnered more than 18,800 likes and over 2,800 shares in just three hours.

The uploader did not mention the store where the cake was bought from and what the reaction of the person who ordered it was, but netizens found it hilarious.

Commenter Skylar Moreno said:

You ordered Elsa, you got Sharquisha [sic]"

Sharkeisha is the infamous woman in a viral video who mauled a young girl for unknown reasons.