's 'ultimate fast food spaghetti taste test' earns flak, ranked by Google as "the best food blog in the Philippines," earned flak for its "ultimate fast food spaghetti taste test."

According to intern writer Patricia Baes, they "went all out and tested ten different chain versions" of Pinoy spaghetti from Jollibee, McDonald's, Tapa King, Goldilocks, Wendy's, Red Ribbon, Adobo Connection, Greenwich, KFC, and Tropical Hut.

The review was based on the appearance, ratio, and taste of the main ingredients of a typical Filipino-style spaghetti: noodles, sauce, meat, and cheese.

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For us here, the comments made by Talia and Pamela Cortez as well as Jasmine Ting on each product were honest, frank, and impartial. However, some critics think otherwise.

Netizen dLowlyScribe said, "so this is an article? what a piece of poorly-researched crap. this is too shallow (not even a bit entertaining), made even worse by the 3 #burgis taste test respondents."

JPL1104 said, "ang arte ng mga writers. "this tastes like red glue", "It looks like cheetos i dont want to eat this", "mmore like pasta with bopis". They dont sound like LEGIT food writers. More like BRATS. CMON PEPPER.PH you can do better than this."

Pamela replied to the first comment, saying: "We're sorry to have disappointed you! We actually did extensive research on Pinoy spaghetti, and the qualities that make it so- sweetness of sauce, etc. We'll take your comments and apply them to our next taste tests! Thanks :)"

JPL1104 responded: "RESEARCH doesnt make you an expert. Seriously, you should do better than this. Hire writers with legit background and who actually knows food. Find someone who has a discerning palate and can write as well... and yeah, spaghetti with prosciutto?? WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP. What happened to you guys. Ang aarte ng writers nyo wala naman leg to stand on."

A certain Jeremy also commented on Pamela's post, saying: "If your research was really extensive then why does one of the reviewers think that a certain spaghetti needs prosciutto? Where have you come across your research that Pinoy spaghetti have such ingredient?"

Different arguments flooded Pepper's comments box as the review gets shared by many via social media. The best we've read so far, however, cannot be found on the article page but on Facebook.

DWIZ's "Mag Internet Tayo" program co-host, blogger and social media influencer Arpee Lazaro has this to say:

To the rich kids of, this article is NOT funny. You berated all the spaghettis ordinary people buy. Kesyo it tastes like glue, its peppery, meat to cheese ratio, etc. Naisip nyo ba that you also insulted the people who consider these as their favorites? So while is too good for fastfood spaghetti, we, the masa, eat red glue and do not know what good spaghetti truly tastes like. Spaghetti or spaketsup is very much a part of Pinoy culture. We like it because it reminds us of our childhood and the days when [we] want the real thing but couldnt afford it. Thus the love for cheap spaghetti. May naghanap pa ng prosciutto! At 50 pesos an order, prosciutto? Really! My favorites here are Tropical Hut, wendys, jollibee and KFC." has an answer to Lazaro's comment, that's for sure.

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