Julia Buencamino's 'last message' on Tumblr her suicide note?

Netizens are buzzing about Julia Buencamino's alleged queued, unpublished last message on Tumblr which is believed to be her suicide note.

The 15-year-old actress, who played Amelia "Aimee" Chua in ABS-CBN's noontime television series "Oh My G!," was found hanging from a nylon rope in her bathroom by her family's household help Tuesday night, July 7.

Convinced that the cause of death was suicide, Julia's father, character actor Nonie Buencamino, asked the police to stop their investigation on her death.

Despite a request to respect the privacy of the family while they are mourning, netizens continued to dig clues and signs as to why she took her own life.

Based on her paintings, photos of which were posted in Instagram, many speculated that Julia suffered depression.

On Sunday, July 12, news broke that the teen actress had a queued post on Tumblr after gossip blog Fashion Pulis published screenshots of the alleged last message of Julia Buencamino in her social media account.

Fans of the late Kapamilya star urged the site to take the blog post down. Here are tweets from Julia's friends and followers: