Jollibee issues official statement on delivery incident

Jollibee has issued an official statement regarding the delivery incident involving a customer that went by the name Jay Bee on Facebook.

It has never been Jollibee's policy to charge the gift certificates issued to customers as goodwill for late delivery against our riders' salaries.

We also want to remind our customers that Jollibee's delivery guarantee time ends upon arrival of rider at the lobby of the building, hospital or condominium or gate/guardhouse of subdivision or offices.

Even as we are committed to provide fast and efficient service to our customers through our Jollibee delivery guarantee, the safety and welfare of our riders are of paramount importance to us.

We trust that the public will treat our riders with the same courtesy, honesty and respect that they deserve.

Thank you."

The statement, signed by Jollibee Philippines public relations director Arline Adeva, was released to media following the viral Facebook post of Jay Bee, who bragged about how he fooled a delivery boy to get a P200 discount.

The customer, who claims that he is an Ateneo graduate and is rumored to be an OB/Gyn physician, remains unapologetic of his wrongdoing up to this time. Instead of admitting his fault, he lashed out at netizens and even raised a middle finger for his bashers.

For their part, the fastfood company conducted its own probe. It was found out that the incident happened on July 1st.

Using the 8-7000 Jollibee Delivery hotline, the customer ordered a Champ value meal with regular fries and drink, spaghetti value meal with regular drink, and a chocolate sundae, all for P266.20 only.

The transaction started at 12:28 a.m. and the call was completed in 3 minutes. At 12:31, the call center agent synchronized the time of completion of call with the customer.

At exactly 12:50 a.m., the rider arrived at the lobby of the building where Jay Bee is staying, but he was allowed to go up by 12:51 a.m., still within the 20-minute delivery time.

However, the customer insisted that the delivery was delayed and demanded that the P200 worth of gift certificates be deducted from his total bill. The delivery boy gave in to avoid a confrontation with him.

It's unknown whether or not Jollibee would file a case against Jay Bee, who deactivated his Facebook account following an online backlash.