INC Crisis: Open letter to Anthony Taberna goes viral

A netizen's open letter to ABS-CBN news personality Anthony Taberna, who refused to comment on the Iglesia Ni Cristo crisis, has gone viral.

On July 24, after news about the video—in which expelled INC members Tenny and Angel Manalo sought help and said their lives are in danger—broke, Taberna and his co-DZMM news anchor Gerry Baja explained on-air why they will not talk about the issue surrounding the church.

The broadcast journalist said they chose to inhibit themselves from discussing the controversy head-on for the reason that their statement might be considered self-serving and would be misinterpreted by the parties involved.

Both of them belong to INC.

Photo: Screengrab from DZMM TeleRadyo

On July 26, a certain Anthony James Perez wrote an open letter to Tunying (Anthony's nickname), which reads:

Dear Anthony Taberna,

We, the concerned people of this country, would like to ask you to report to us the truth about what is happening in the INC.

I know you have received gag orders from your superiors. But you are a journalist too, and I invoke on your professionalism to report on this just as you have done so many times against the Catholic Church no matter how small or fickle the issue against her was in the past.

Let’s be fair.

Tell us the truth on these abductions and allegations of corruption. It’s in the interest of the country for you to tell it as it is.

As of 12 noon Tuesday, July 28, the open letter posted on The Splendor of the Church website was shared more than 23,000 times on Facebook and has generated over 500 comments, including these:

If you were in the shoes of Taberna, would you rather not talk about your own church? Or speak up and uphold your profession as a broadcaster?