Davao councilor encounters 'contracting' taxi drivers in Mandaluyong

Davao City councilor Leo Avila encountered "contracting" taxi drivers when he visited Metro Manila recently. His post about the experience has gone viral.

The politician shared what took place when abusive cabbies queueing at the entrance of SM Megamall Building B in Mandaluyong attempted to fool him.

Avila's July 20 Facebook post reads:

Tried to get a taxi at the entrance of SM MEGAMALL B. All taxi drivers refused to give me a ride to the airport unless I pay P400-500, without using the taxi meter.

ALL OF THEM. There were at least ten of them.

I had to walk a few meters away and hail a passing taxi under the heat of the sun. Took a few pictures though.


The difference is more or less P270. Imagine if they could do that to a number of taxi commuters a day.

Avila, who is obviously unaccustomed to the modus operandi as it does not happen in his hometown, has been advised by his FB friends and followers to use apps such as GrabTaxi and Uber next time.

On the other hand, some netizens criticized transportation agencies of the government for failing to address this prevailing problem.