Cop shares friend's 'scary experience' with GrabTaxi cab

A cop from the Philippine National Police (PNP) has shared his friend's "scary experience" after booking a cab using the GrabTaxi app.

Police officer Dominic Mike Juplo, who posted the report Tuesday, July 14, encouraged everyone to always "stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately."

The report identified the alleged vehicle as "GrabTaxi/Takara Taxi No. 0745." The cop's post has been shared more than 400 times as of 1 p.m. Wednesday.


Today, I booked a taxi from grabtaxi app. I was picked up near ------. (hidden for security purposes) and was bound to ---------.

Along the way, I felt different but tried denying to myself that the taxi driver has something to do with it. I felt uneasy breathing.

I noticed the driver looking at me as well from time to time. His center mirror was not faced in such a way that he would see the cars at the back. Instead it was positioned so he could see me, as i could see him as well.

Minutes after it felt like my energy was gradually being drained. Although it was cold inside, i was sweating a lot that my hands were dripping. We were along Lacson street near Business Inn hotel when I felt that it was becoming worse. My hands and feet began to feel numb. And I was already trying to catch my breath.

I tried to act as if I was ok and as I tried to check on the driver I saw the face towel in front of his AC. I was panicking inside as I felt weak already and felt that I wouldn't make it until the --------.

I didn't have the chance to go out of the taxi since it was still running. And I was frightened to let him know as he probably wouldn't let me. I remembered to text the plate number to my husband, and the name of the taxi too, because I already felt hopeless and thought that I was in danger.

Thanks to God... and the traffic along provincial hospital, I saw the pharmacy and suddenly blurted out that I had to buy something. I told him that while I opened the door. And so I was able to go out.

I remember feeling so weak and almost losing my vision, like I was about to faint. I managed to run to the pharmacy, was able to hold on to the table inside and made myself breathe a lot. After doing so, I felt a little better.

Scared of what happened, I took the jeep to finish my errands and went home.

The experience was indescribably scary! ‪#‎traumatized‬

So please, take care, always be alert! As much as possible have someone accompany you. It is becoming very unsafe nowadays.

In one of the pages on its website, GrabTaxi Manila warned the riding public of various taxi modus operandi around the metro.

The company's list of top three modus operandi (MO) employed by dishonest taxi drivers, which also gives tips on how to deal when confronted with it, includes bimpo or spray.

Courtesy of GrabTaxi Manila

According to the article:

This MO has been making the rounds in social media. To execute this, the driver will spray intoxicating liquid or put a hand towel soaked in sleep-inducing chemical over the airconditioning or even under the seat. As fumes fill up the car, drivers usually put on a mask or cotton to cover their mouth and nostrils, protecting them from the chemical that is putting the passenger to sleep."

To deal with the situation, GrabTaxi said:

Make sure that no piece of cloth (or any other material) is covering the airconditioner. Take a good look at the driver and make sure there is nothing suspicious. Always be alert and regularly observe the driver and what he is doing. According to various reports the notorious fumes usually smell like paint thinner or fabric conditioner."

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