Netizens criticize Binay for feeding child with bare hand

Filipino netizens criticized vice president Jejomar Binay and poked fun at him for feeding a child with a bare hand during a boodle fight.

According to former North Cotabato governor Manny Piñol, a writer and known supporter of rumored presidentiable Davao City mayor Rody Duterte, the photo was posted by John Paulo Melanio Bañas.

He said the picture was immediately "flooded with comments expressing disgust and anger over what netizens called as an act of hypocrisy."

Piñol wrote his own comment, saying "this is the height of hypocrisy. I will not even feed my own child using my bare hands because it is unhygienic. But for the selfish purpose of creating a good photo op, VP Binay endangers this child's health by using his bare hand, which he obviously used earlier to feed himself, to thrust food into the innocent girl's mouth. This is utterly disgusting."

The politician, who is also a respected boxing commentator, said Binay has been visiting places frequented by the poor, among which are public markets where he joins ordinary people in partaking of food laid out in a long table.

The vice president, he said, goes to funeral parlors to give out financial assistance to families of the dead. Other reports said he's been giving away cellphones and rosaries with his name or initial printed on it.

Binay's acts have been described by observers as "a desperate attempt" to try to improve his popularity that has "taken a nose-dive in recent surveys," Piñol wrote.

Meanwhile, many of those who commented on social media had a common question after seeing the photo of VP Binay feeding the child with a bare hand: "Naghugas ba siya ng mga kamay?" (Did he wash his hands?)