Zsa Zsa Padilla in hot water over 'Blank Space' arrangement

Zsa Zsa Padilla is in hot water over a vintage cabaret style musical arrangement of the Taylor Swift hit "Blank Space" she performed on ASAP.

The singer's Facebook fan page posted on Sunday a video of her birthday production number where she sang a version she allegedly stole from American musician, pianist, composer, arranger and YouTube sensation Scott Bradlee.

Under the moniker Postmodern Jukebox, Bradlee created the cabaret style musical arrangement of the popular song and played the piano during the December 2014 performance of jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actress Ariana Savalas , as shown in the following video:

On Sunday, Bradlee shared Padilla's video with the caption:

This week in "who's ripping off my arrangements and passing them off as their own" ‪#‎PMJdiditfirst‬

Comments from Bradlee's fans quickly flooded Padilla's timeline. Some of the remarks read:

Clifton Farr: "Nice arrangement. You should credit the creator."

Flávia Christina Ladwig Robles: "Stop plagiarism! You are ripping off Scott Bradlee's arrangements and passing them off as your own! This is so shameless. Postmodern Jukebox!"

Derek Cormier: "Scott Bradlee and Postermodern Jukebox did this first, stop ripping off other people. This is 2015, you really think that is gonna fly? It isn't 1960 and you aren't Elvis."

Erin Goss: "Did you mention it was a Postmodern Jukebox arrangement? Because it was."

EstefanĂ­a Gonzalez Las Heras: "Shame on you! Postmodern Jukebox created this and you just copied it."

Atom Portillo: "So, are you gonna credit Scott Bradlee and PostModern Jukebox for their arrangement and choreography or we gonna have to publicly shame this woman and this network first? ‪#‎PMJdiditfirst"

As of 1:30 p.m. today, Padilla's fan page did not put any credit as requested by Bradlee's supporters.

In a separate post, the songwriter said:

Hey people! The best way to combat this isn't to write mean things to the people that stole the arrangement - we're too classy for that. Let's just use this as an opportunity to raise awareness about PMJ with a simple #PMJdiditfirst. Hopefully, the people that enjoyed this performance will discover us. Plus, that way we can search the hashtag and have a laugh at how many big budget TV shows desperate for advertising dollars resort to copying the performances that we do in my living room.

Padilla has yet to give a word on the controversy.