Wonderful Work of Art: The moral of the story is...

Without reading the comments after the photos, could you tell us—what moral of the story can we learn from this "Wonderful Work of Art"?

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Story Story Wonderful Work Of Art Full Credit To : Chevelin Illustration
Posted by We African Nations on Saturday, May 30, 2015

The moral of the story?

Prince Henry Moore says "it was a Test for Breakthrough, as far as they didn't hurt her like , SEX, RAPE or any bad feelings towards her. So she rewarded them for being kind to her despite her awesome beauty, as men we should learn to let go our desires it might lead you WELL or BAD."

Igwe Chibueze shared, "I draw a moral lesson from the illustrated story. Render assistance to the needy as much as u could without ulterior motive. Reward comes from above."

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