Watching this viral video will make you ROFL

"Proud to be me" is what this Filipina was probably thinking when she sang "Flashlight" with Jessie J in this viral video that will make you rolling on the floor laughing.

Posted June 7 on Facebook, the 3-minute-21-second clip has garnered nearly half a million views as of 9 a.m. today.

In the beginning of the video, a smiling Danielle Abril looks like she's a professional singer, but when she started singing everything turned into comedy.


The virtual duet was made via the Sing! Karaoke App created by Smule. It allows users to sing along a pre-recorded video of a particular artist and make it appear as though they are having an actual duet with the artist.

It seems Danielle is a natural comedienne, which is probably the reason why nobody dared to assail her "singing talent" online. Instead, netizens praised her for being herself and said they were entertained and amazed by her "performance."

How many times did you watch the video?