WATCH: Fish that can walk, survive 6 days without water

It's true but may sound really extraordinary. Here's a video of a fish that can walk on wet land and survive out of the water up to six days.

Whoa! What is that fish?

It's called the climbing perch or anabas testudineus, said to be an invasive and exceedingly aggressive freshwater species.

Scientists now believe that it can survive in saltwater too, but chances for it to be able to swim in the ocean is reportedly low.

The climbing perch, which was discovered almost ten years ago on two small Australian islands about three to four miles south of Papua New Guinea, is feared to be heading to mainland Australia.

In the past 30 to 40 years, the climbing perch has spread across Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Since both countries are also near the Philippines, the fish might also arrive in the southern part of the archipelago via fishing boats.

What's scary is that this species post a threat to birds and marine life. It can destroy mammals and birds by expanding abnormally when swallowed to block the predator's throat, choking it or forcing it to starve.

Authorities are now coordinating with communities to prevent the climbing perch from advancing.

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