WATCH: Customer gets mad at Jollibee security guard

Watch this viral video to find out why a customer who got mad at a security guard inside Jollibee earned the ire of netizens on social media.

What the security guard said exactly cannot be heard clearly, but based on the response of the angry customer it seems he reminded him that no pets are allowed inside the fast food restaurant.

It's unclear when and where the incident happened. The video, however, sparked an online discussion on whether or not the motto or slogan "the customer is always right" is still applicable in this case.

Here are some of the comments on the issue:

Many sided the guard, praising him for keeping his cool.

But the best comment came from netizen Andrew Hernandez III, who said:

For an abusive customer like this, "Customer is always right" principle is not applicable, for a very well established company like this, sometimes they prefer to lose one customer than to ignore the dignity of their employees.

To show to their employee that they deserve to be respected motivates them to work hard and keep their loyalty to their company.

To all of us, being a customer doesn't mean that you already bought the whole company, we are only purchasing a specific product or service using our money to pay and to pay them with your money does not give you the right to insult the staff.

Your thoughts on this?